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How the process works

Directional boring is ideal for telecommunications, power cable conduits, water and sewer lines, gas lines, and oil lines. It can help crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, environmentally-sensitive areas, and congested areas. It creates less traffic disruption, a lower cost, and deeper or longer installation options. This leads to no access pit, shorter completion times, and directional capabilities.


This 3-stage process starts with the drilling of a pilot hole followed by an enlarging of the hole using a back reamer. The third stage places the product or casing pipe in the hole. We use drilling fluid for the horizontal directional drilling. This mixture of water and, usually, bentonite or polymer continuously pumped to the cutting head or drill bit to facilitate the removal of cuttings, stabilize the bore hole, cool the cutting head, and lubricate the passage of the product pipe.

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Consider the benefits of directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling, HDD, or directional boring, is a steerable trenchless system of installing underground pipes, conduits, and cables with minimal impact on the surrounding area. When trenching or excavating is not practical, this solution installs lengths up to 6500 ft. (2000m) with diameters up to 56 in (1200mm). Pipe options include PVC, polyethylene, ductile iron, and steel.