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Serving Central Indiana for 15 years.


Call in the Experts for Underground Utility Services

For more than 15 years, Berry It has provided exceptional underground utility service installation. We specialize in vibratory plowing, trenching, and directional boring services for residential and commercial needs. Whether you need help with electric, gas, water, or geothermal loops, our team is ready to help.

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We have the equipment and experience to handle all of your needs whether it be:

  • Water lines

  • Gas lines

  • Electric

  • Geothermal loops

  • Conduit pipe installation

  • Telephone & cable tv burial

  • Directional drillling

  • Trenching

  • Vibratory plowing

  • Road, highway, parking lot, driveway or waterway bores

  • Communication main line burial

  • Or any other type of underground service you may need with the quality you deserve!


We will handle all locating and permitting requirements associated with state and local codes. Contact us today at

1-800-368-8511 for a FREE estimate!